30 Days… And That’s It.

May 1, 2017by T Q

Give me 30 days to show my worth… I just wanna show my cocoa skin up front and center. I wanna take you on a 30 day trip so you can see what I’m capable of. In 30 days I’m gonna travel the Atlantic in the dark, at the bottom of a ship stacked on top of my brothers and sisters like sardines. Aw man the sickness… the smell… the fear. I had no idea where I was going or what these people were that were taking me… none of my kin did either. In 30 days I was sold into servitude. I picked 30 bails of cotton everyday. I watched them pay $30 for a cotton waistcoat. Would’ve been nice to get 30 cents for my trouble. Instead I got 30 licks from a cattle whip. When I was 30 I got married. 30 nights my wife was taken from my bed. My son is not my own. Her son is not mine, but he carries my last name… Which is not my last name. It took me 30 years to understand the ingredients of my skin tone and I get 30 days to make my people understand. I created a system on my knees… to set my people free. I used many names and many faces. Nathaniel, Harriet, Frederick, George, and Martin to name a few. I won’t go into everyone being that I only have 30 days, but over that 30 days I will show u my plight. How strong is my neck that it can support my body and the body of hundreds of thousands of my people as we hang by a noose? How strong is the branch of this tree that we hang from which is our spiritual foundation? 30 days to show you from whence cometh my help… My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth… No. Not that one. The one that is this tree. The one that oozes through my blood and reminds me everyday that I am a son of the King and I need to damn well act like one… As he strokes his nappy beard and I stroke mine. He brought us through the 17,18, and 1900’s. He will take us through the 2000’s… but we must remember some things as we embark on a new leg of this journey… You are a mighty people. You are a beautiful extension of what God has given this earth. Regardless of what society encourages you to believe, you must always understand that you are capable of greatness. These 30 days is all you get. Take advantage of them. Your great grandparents did so much with far less. For one month their exploits will be on display. Post, share, and retweet all the MLK quotes as you possibly can. You’ll see them all over NBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, and more… for 30 days.

Then poof…

Crickets. Cuz at day 31 we back to the bullshit. With every executive order another batch of hope goes up in smoke… And the quotes mean less as we think about what comes next. Nobody offered the remedy for the dumping of narcotics and guns into our neighborhoods by our government, purging the education systems in the inner cities, mass incarceration, and the effects that these things would have on our families and communities. I didn’t see this new form of segregation coming no more than I saw that first fucking ship show up. We’d need much more than 30 days to figure out why… As a young black boy struggles to become a man. In some cases because his mother had to become the man… In some cases because she chose to. In either case the truly great examples of black mothers and men will be on display for 30 days… And that’s it. So get your fill lil brother. We get one month. 30 days to show our worth. Enjoy it.

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