Let’s talk about My Freedom…

June 9, 2017by T Q

Some words get tossed around like yesterday’s trash. Words like love, happiness, and faith, can cover so much ground and yet create so much confusion. In these cases, Webster’s definition may differ from our own. What I define as happiness may make the next person sad. Who’s wrong in this instance? Is “neither” a possibility? I love my woman in a certain way. You may not understand that way. It may be different from the way you love yours… but if my woman understands, accepts, and loves me back in the same way, then who’s wrong here? I believe in something. You don’t. Which of us is right if this thing hasn’t been and can’t be proved? It’s an endless debate… this I can understand, but I’d like to talk about my freedom.

I’m trying to understand why this word is so debatable.

What is #FREE to you?

Let’s talk about your freedom.

I define “free” as the option to try anything, think anything, and be anything. It’s the fundamental opportunity to try with at least a 50% chance of success. Now ask yourself, do you at least have that? Are u free? 

You’re a young intelligent female working in a successful corporation. You know 10x more than every hard leg in your department, but you make less than all of them and you’ve watched 2 of them get promotions ahead of you… while your boss, who gave them the promotions, keeps looking at your ass. Are you free?

You’re Mexican. You weren’t born here, but you’ve been here working and living for 30 years. You’ve started a family. You’re children are Americans. Some Yayhoo gets in office and declares that your children can stay, but you need to prepare to take your ass home. “Home?” You’ve been here since you were two years old. You are home. Are you free?

You’re a devout Muslim. You subscribe to the Holy Quran which is a book of love, worship, peace, and understanding. Crazy people are committing atrocities in the name of your religion causing you to be stereotyped by both the fearful and the ignorant and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Are you free?

You’re in love with somebody but you can’t marry them because you live in Texas. Are you free?

Some ridiculous extremist regime has bombed the place where you grew up to the point that you dont recognize it anymore. You’ve lost family members, friends and memories, but the world seems to care more about the Kardashians. You’re so mad you wanna kill somebody. You want revenge on those responsible so help you God. Let’s talk #aboutyourfreedom.?

You’re black. You live in America. You are not free.✊?

You were just born 15 mins ago… I so desperately want for you to have the opportunity to be free.

This word is so debatable.

Our freedom has been ripped from us on so many levels. The time has come for us to snatch it back. This will be the fight of our lives. Forgive me for sounding cliché, but I believe that true freedom starts internally. It’s time we free our minds and prepare ourselves for what is to come. Oppression and opposition come from more sources than we may realize. Striving to be that girl on Instagram has you living a prisoner. You’re watching her every move, wishing you had her dress… little do you know, she walked in the Gucci store, tried it on, snapped a selfie in the dressing room, took it off, and walked out. #NoPurchase. Just like she did yesterday…

Dont play with your freedom. Don’t let anybody play with you #aboutyourfreedom. You may have to lose a little bit of blood, but for the most worthy of causes. What are we without our freedom at a time when the world is leaning toward stripping us of it?

Defeated… and that ain’t us.

I’m calling on every reader of this blog to post photos and video from across the web of instances where freedom is being denied. Post using the hashtags #AboutMyFreedom and #AboutYourFreedom. On Independence Day, July 4th 2017, I’m dropping my new single “Freedom” produced by The Almighty EA-Ski. I’m asking you to flood social media with these hashtags that day and throughout the month of July. Stand up and be heard.  If you search them, you’ll see that these tags are ours so I’ll repost each post that I find.

I wanna see Freedom… #FREEDOM. I’m gonna get mine or die trying.


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