February 5, 2018by T Q

They say your mortality eventually stares you in the face when you reach a certain point. You start to care. You see wrinkles. You’re not as strong or fast or sharp. You’ve picked up some weight around the midsection and have taken an L to Father Time in the great battle of your life. This is a significant point that will cause a monumental shift in your quality of life. What is the motivation to fight a battle that has been fought and lost billions of times over? Why care at this point?

It’s a good question.

Some people figure “Shit I may as well enjoy it. I’m gonna die anyway and I’m closer to it now than I ever have been… Fried chicken and french fries please!” We gotta think about it though… that point comes at different times for different people. For some, it comes at a time where a lot of these quality of life issues can be fixed. In this case the “I’m gonna die anyway” attitude is a silent killer that does nothing but speed up the process.

You are what you absorb. You should care…

Why do you absorb the milk from a cow? Start with that. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Now ask yourself. Why do I drink something that comes from a cows tit? I actually wonder how many people have actually asked themselves that question. I wonder how many had a common-sense takeover moment. Your moms milk is the foundation of nutrition for you. You stop drinking it pretty fast though you dig? What is a cow’s milk made for? Turning weak, fragile calves  into huge steaks. Who told humans to drink it? But we wonder why we have so much inflammation in our organs?

Why do we eat pigs? Cows? Goats?

Why don’t we eat dogs or horses?

What’s the difference??? ?

You are what you absorb. Eat a ton of cake and sit on your ass, I guarantee you’ll end up a fat ass. Your fat ass ate too much cake. Simple as that. You’re cake. You see it and you don’t like it… so how do your care for yourself in this condition? Tummy tucks and lap bands etc. right? Wrong. Now u absorb anesthesia medicine, morphine, and a regimen of pain medication…

Come out the hospital feeling great… have some more cake. ?

Come on people. We are all getting older. Take walks. Jog a little bit if you can… eat green stuff sometimes. If you enjoy life, if you love your loved ones as much as they love you,  if you care anything about how your life and presence affects them, please please…


Now #Absorb.


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