Conversation. Ever heard of it?

April 10, 2017by T Q

Conversation: The informal exchange of ideas by spoken words.

I would say the keyword here is “exchange.” The secondary word is “ideas.” As humans with certain brain processes unique to each of us, it should be expected that our ideas would vary as much as we do. We’ve all learned through different impressions, the things that we believe today. One man’s set of impressions could be quite different than the next, being that there are over 7 billion of us. 7 billion coming from different areas, customs, cultures, beliefs, and otherwise. What would make us believe or even hope for solidarity on almost anything based on these facts?

That’s just not realistic…

Nevertheless, we have the ability to reach common ground.  We begin and end this process with conversation just like we have since the beginning of time. The problem is that over that time, the art of conversation has been lost on us. Nowadays, it seems like disagreements must be fixed by whatever means. If we have to scream for a fix we will. If we have to fight we will. If we have to kill we will…

If we have to die we will.

Someone disagreeing with a belief or custom or even idea these days seems to be the end all. Absolutely unacceptable. Why is that? When did it start? When did we kill the concept of agreeing to disagree? Why is this no longer an option? Why does everything have to be so extreme? Bottom line is we have to figure out a way to coexist. It is absolutely necessary for our survival in this next era of life…

The biggest problem is example: the ones that are set for us become the ones we set.

Take that formula and apply it to today and it looks all the way bad. Where do we get our examples from? Our government doesn’t set a good one. No way Jose. Church only really offers a one-sided conversation. If you disagree it’s blasphemy. ? I’d say some schools make an attempt, but only when the curriculum is based on debate. Mom and dad? Not really. When I was a kid, I didn’t have a choice. Whatever I didn’t agree with, nobody cared about lol. Period. The real conversation prolly happened in their bedroom and away from us. In front of me and my sister, it may as well have been one person. Whatever she said, he said, and vice verse. Prolly the absolute BEST way to parent, but again a bad example on this subject. It leads me To a larger and more important question.

Who do we set these examples for?

We set them for our children. We need to focus on them learning at an early age about the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words. In order for them to learn the art we have to re-learn it. Person to person we can communicate and then fuck off if necessary. It doesn’t always take a fight. We don’t have to kill. We don’t have to die. It doesn’t always have to be so extreme. In most cases what you eat won’t make me shit you dig? I think if more of us took this outlook when in conversation, the outcome would be much more favorable to all parties involved.

Maybe we can shift to just expecting conversation instead of always expecting agreement.

Maybe not… ?


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