February 21, 2017by T Q

Do you like the new website? The new app update? Well if you do and you may like your own versions for your business, look no further. I work with a really talented design team, including Trisha LaCoste, specializing in photography, videography, web¬†design, branding, website creation and mobile app development and hosting. Check out the iTQ App. Look at the features and think of what a tool like this can do for your company. Through our builds you can offer direct ordering, set deliveries, offer coupons and memberships, display interactive menus, and more. Mobile apps are the way forward and every company needs one these days in my opinion. I’m quite sure you know the importance of a professional looking, user-friendly, frequently updated website already…

Well we create them both!

TheRealTQ.com and the iTQ app are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can create for a specific client… A music artist. We can create these tools for retail shops, boutiques, restaurants, transportation services, service industry, and much more. If you’re interested please don’t hesitate to email us and set up a consultation.

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