Divided we fall.

March 1, 2017by T Q

Divided we fall. Let’s be real about this…

Collectively, our attitudes are fucked. All we really do as a society these days is bitch and moan about each other as if a difference in opinion or belief is the end all.

The key word here is difference.

There are over 7 billion of us. What makes us expect that everyone is gonna agree with the shit we’re talking about? Wrong or right, who said that the next person has to be on board? They don’t. This simple common sense question has been looked over time and time again. Don’t get me wrong, some people are ridiculous. Hitler, Manson, Jerry Sandusky, and these types needed to be dealt with. You get the picture. Who said that every one of the 7 billion would have all of their screws tight? Same thought process…

The question would be “How do we deal?”

Leads back to common sense for me.

Common sense is nature. It has nothing to do with religion, ideals, or politics. It SHOULD be natural for us to understand that with all the different beliefs and customs on earth, there will be disagreements. For some reason, this common sense is lost in our systems.

Our government chooses to argue these differences based on influence from small groups of elite people who do not in any way reflect the feelings of the citizens. That’s not common sense.

In our relationships, the most important people are not you and I, but our Instagram followers. We broadcast our life together for everyone to see. That’s not common sense.

Individually we dislike or underrate those of a different race. We stereotype our differences in customs and prejudge those differences as if they were embedded into the blood. That’s not common sense.

The thought process that I’m better than you because I have more money is not common sense.

Regardless of what you believe about life and how we got here one thing is for certain. You didn’t make yourself. The thoughts that shaped you came from the influence of others. Some of those “others” were some fucked up people and I don’t care if it was moms, pops, sister, brother, etc. Your hatred, intolerance, racism, sexism, class-ism, xenophobia, and other ridiculous traits came from those closest to you… The ones who guided you from birth… and they thought they were right. They got it from the ones who guided them… and thought they were right.

Get it?

They were wrong. 

The first person that said “this man is ______ because the color of his skin is _____” was a fucking idiot. Everybody that went for it was a fucking idiot also. If I’m talking about your Great great  grandparents get over it. You didn’t know them. They fucked up a ton of shit… As did mine.

Which leads us to our great divide… and divided we fall

Can you see the fall? Turn on CNN or FOX News and get your popcorn ready. Everyday we go deeper and deeper into an abyss of idiocy. We follow our leaders down the wormhole. Their Great great grandparents fucked up a ton of shit too. We elect them (or not?) for rhetoric that lacks common sense. Yet we expect them to lead with some measure of it.


This is a time for thought. A time for ideas. A time to understand that the world is run by 70 year olds… why do they give a damn about our future?


We continue to allow them to divide us but they will miss the fall..

And that just doesn’t make common sense.


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