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March 23, 2020by T Q3

Monday Morning Beef

My Monday Morning Beef…



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So it’s really that difficult right?


I find myself watching the news, scrolling through social media, and talking to people, and this is the question that comes to my head. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance or how dire the situation may be, a portion of the human race will just refuse to get it. They’re just never gonna get it. Do you know that person that’s always gonna have a fuckin’ problem with everything? Like, it doesn’t matter. They bitch about the sky being blue. Last week, they were on Facebook complaining about traffic, their boss, their kid’s teacher, etc. They were so tired of everything. Do you know who I’m talking about? Fast forward a week. I wonder if they’ve shut the fuck up?


Monday Morning beef - #StayatHome
Courtesy USA Today

It’s that difficult for this kind of human being too. These geniuses needed spring break 2020 so bad that they just went out and wrestled on the beach full of other idiots during a pandemic. When spring break is over, they can’t go back to school. The school is closed. It’s a pandemic. They have to go home.

At home, after a couple of days of detox and CNN, they start to get sick. That’s when all the “tough boy” shit in this photo is replaced with shear bitchassness. Now they’re scared, and Mommy has to take care of them and bring them soup because they now think they’re gonna die. They’re not gonna die…


But they do infect mommy… and she might, because she has Lupus.



Is it really that difficult?


Monday Morning Beef - #StayAtHome - TQ's Blog
Courtesy ABC News

How about this human being? He’s the foreman at the construction site. He’s got 200 masks in the back of his truck. He passes the hospital on his way home every day. He can’t work. The job site is shut down. He puts the masks in his garage to save for his family and friends. C’mon man. It’s not that difficult. What about my man, that bought all the soap from the neighborhood store? I mean, he’s got a garage full. He’s the only person in the hood with clean hands. Take that, apply it to toilet paper, and Lord, help us right now. People are out of their minds, and this is all fact.

Man, I’ve seen everything from steam pots to pointing blow-dryers up your nose to kill this virus. None of that shit came from scientists. None of it came from doctors, yet you have humans trying all of it. How about trying #SocialDistancing? The doctors and scientists have been saying the same thing for weeks now… #STAYATHOME. That translates to “Stay the fuck away from each other because there’s no way to kill this shit. If you’re around other people, it’s gonna spread, so don’t be around other people.” Get it? Simple and plain. #Periodt. Stay at home. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it. Write a fucking blog. Do it from home.


Wanna know why it’s so difficult?



Monday Morning Beef - #StayAtHome
Courtesy The Washington Post

Part of it is all the mixed signals. Truth is, we have the absolute worst leadership possible for this type of thing. We also have common sense. You ain’t going to Nino Brown asking him what to do about your cough, right? You go to Nino Brown when you’re trying to make some money. Well, its the same deal here.

I don’t think Trump people elected him to be the guy to listen to when an infectious disease is ravaging the country. Nah, that’s not his forte. And all the people on stage with him every day understand that at some point this will be over. When it is, they need to keep making the bag. They need to tread lightly… You, on the other hand, need to change the channel if you’re not watching for entertainment purposes.


I’m gonna be fair. This is a scary and confusing time in our history, and our “leaders” aren’t making it any better. We’ve only really seen this in movies, and to most of us, this whole Coronavirus pandemic is just unbelievable. The way that this has changed our lives in such a short amount of time, I wonder if we ever had the ability to really prepare for it. Mentally, it’s a taxing situation. The uncertainty attached can cripple you if you let it.


Don’t let it.


Listen to the doctors. Watch science. Go to Twitter and search. Find profiles with big science and medical words attached. Scroll through their feeds and see who they are. What are they saying? What other credible doctors and scientists are in their networks? Ask these questions about each one you encounter. Then ask them questions! These are not celebrities. A lot of them will answer you. Ask real questions to people who can give you real answers. Most of these people are doing everything within their knowledge and power to stop this virus as soon as possible. Follow them. Listen to what they have to say.

At the moment, your state and local governments probably have more experience and know-how in dealing with this type of thing than the federal government has. I’m not here to bash Donald Trump. I’m not a Democrat or Republican. I’m using my common sense. States deal with disasters more than the country does. The fires happen in California. Katrina happened in Louisiana. 9/11 happened in New York, get it?

These were events that happened in states. One location. Local and state governments were the first-responders, not the feds. The feds have never seen any of this. When Donald Trump decided to run for president, he had spent the same amount of time being a politician as you had. Partisan or not, it makes no sense to expect this guy to know what he’s doing right now. He’s faking it till he makes it, which is the same shit any hustler would do in his position…


This is about US. What are we gonna do for US?


Monday Morning beef - #StayAtHomeI’m not ready to go yet. I’m ready to fight. If the battle is to be fought with my mind, my hands, or my cells, I’m ready and here for it. I’m not here to fight for myself. I don’t wanna be here alone. I’m ready to fight for us. Are you? Nobody cares about us more than us. So let’s fight. We have a way of life that we want to preserve. The best way to do that now is to stay at home.

Last week you were complaining about a bunch of bullshit, and so was I. This week, most of that bullshit has been temporarily eliminated. Take a deep breath, and let’s ride this out. Stay at home. When you go out, soak it in. Do it alone. Notice how the air is so much cleaner. The water is clear. You never knew there were that many birds around your house…

You need a break. Earth needs a break. Read something. Practice a recipe. Create. Write. Binge watch some good soul-stirring films. Smoke some herb and turn on Nat Geo. I guarantee you, you’ll be interested all day. I’ve been talking about the reset button for a long time because I believed we all needed it. Well, this is it. Press that button and hit cruise control for a little while. We’ll all come back stronger for it.


I wanna wish each and every one of you peace and good health during this tough period. We urge everyone to please #StayAtHome as much as possible and be mindful of our elderly and those with pre-existing health issues, as they are the most vulnerable.


Beyond race, religion, or political belief, we are all human. Let’s take care of each other now.



Monday Morning Beef #StayAtHome   Monday Morning Beef #StayAtHome   Monday Morning Beef #StayAtHome

Monday Morning Beef #StayAtHome   Monday Morning Beef #StayAtHome   Monday Morning Beef #StayAtHome

Monday Morning Beef #StayAtHome

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  • Nikki Bird

    March 23, 2020 at 5:47 pm

    You know what? It’s always been my belief that we owe a duty of care to one another, whether it’s someone who lives up the road or someone 100,000 miles away. If we don’t care about each other and our planet we’re going to destroy it and all of us. Tribal people, Native Americans, Aborigines, Maouris have always understood this, they live at one with the earth and mother nature, they understand more about peaceful coexistence than anyone, and there’s so much we could learn from them, and yet there’s so little respect for them and their lifestyles.
    There’s just so much greed, so much selfishness and ignorance, and that’s how we’ve got into the situation we’re in now. So we don’t know too much about the virus now, but we know it’s spread through contact; you’d think that seeing the disease rip through so many countries leaving a trail of deaths would be enough of a warning, so why are people still going out, meeting in groups, swamping supermarkets? Because people never think they’ll be affected, they always think it’ll be someone else, and because… they’re just plain selfish.

    • Nikki Bird

      March 23, 2020 at 5:49 pm

      Sorry, spelling mistake Maori!!!

  • Sam

    March 31, 2020 at 5:01 pm

    If after all this was written and a person claims to still , ” NOT GET IT “. We all need to pray for those that DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO….
    I now live in a very rural area and we recieved 3 case yesterday . We have a curfew and if you’re caught out after 5 pm our pd throws youre b#$! In jail for 30 days.

    It’s simple we all live on this planet and moving from west to east coast has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself… Along with the ones I love.

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