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April 16, 2020by T Q

My Monday Morning Beef…





This is actually week 8 for me, but who’s counting, right? I feel like in the blink of an eye we’re off the virus and on to reopening. Ok, y’all ready? Fuck this virus shit right? Hotlanta needs the titty bars back open. Vegas needs the casinos back open. Florida and the OC MUST have the beaches open. Period. Nothing else matters. This is America. We can’t close America! Let’s wrap bandanas around our faces and get back to work! It’s just the flu! We can’t ghost town our country over the flu!

Tell this to the people who have lost family members and close friends to COVID-19. Actually, ask someone who had it themselves. From what I hear, it’s no fun. It’s not something that we want to experience. Shit, I don’t even like the common cold or allergy season. This virus is worse than both. I’m not here to make anything worse than it is but man, we’ve done a good job of doing just that.

I haven’t really gone off my route between home and the studio in two months, but I decided to take a ride to the strip just to take a look. There were so many reports of people around the nation NOT social distancing, that I wanted to see how Sin City was handling things.


Las Vegas seems to be handling things.



Monday Morning Beef
Photography by TQ

That was eerie. It was sad. I don’t wanna see this. Next to Los Angeles, Las Vegas is my favorite city in the world. An empty strip looks like something out of some apocalyptic movie. I’ve never seen that before. Even stumbling out of the strip club pre-dawn, you’ll see a crowded Las Vegas Blvd 24/7/365

Look at this shit.

I saw a couple of people. It was mostly photographers taking the once in a lifetime opportunity to get these kinds of shots. The people I did see reminded me of some dark days. I remember people’s faces when Tupac died. Kobe. 9/11. Katrina.It was a lot like that. I don’t know how to explain it other than sad. I’m not sad very often, but I don’t think I going back down there until it opens up.

I’m sure it looks the same in Times Square and Bourbon Street. I bet it creates the same feeling too. Don’t think I’m one of these people who just wanna be doom and gloom quarantined for God knows how long. That ain’t me. I feel like some media organizations feel as if that’s the best spin. They seem to want to make us believe that we are at the end of Earth. Man fuck all that. That doesn’t help anything. I’m a part of the human race. We beat everything.


That being said…


Monday Morning Beef
Courtesy: Drew Angerer – Getty Images

Mayor Goodman and President Trump have to be the donkeys of 2020. What kinda dumb synthetic weed are they smoking? We should demand to see their medicine cabinets pronto. Mayor Goodman with Anderson Cooper was slapstick. That shit didn’t even look real. I go off into the studio for days at a time with no sports going on, so I miss a lot of shit. I turn the channel to see Trump talking about Lysol shots. ?? Man, somebody please pray for us. We need it badly.

I’m not a Democrat or Republican, but I want to ask both parties for a favor. Can we get some new people? It time to be real about it. I wish we could let 2016 go. The Dems got arrogant and got their asses kicked. Let it go. Nice counterpunch in 2018. We don’t really care. Nothing changes for the rest of us. The rest of us have common sense. We can all see that these people don’t know what they’re doing. So moving forward, can we please replace them with better people? I mean, the type of shit these two allowed to escape their lips last week deserves some type of consequence right?


Let’s not vote for these people again, please.


Monday Morning Beef
Photo Credit: Terrance Quaites – Franchise Sports Media

I’ve made it a point to ask doctors about this virus. I can’t get a clear concise diagnosis of what we’re actually dealing with from any of them. What I can gather through my hustling instincts is that the opportunity for COVID medical coding fuckery is alive, well, and surely being taken advantage of. This is no conspiracy. I’m not here to discount the seriousness of this pandemic. I’m just here to expose both sides of this shit and keep my folks paying attention to the possibilities.

Coronavirus is big bidness right now for a number of people. Believe that.

Still, a number of others don’t seem to give a half shit. This thing is affecting poor people of color at an alarming rate, in a variety of different ways. Yet I still see house parties and birthdays and shit posted from the hood with people all up on each other. You know your auntie has high blood pressure. Actually, you probably don’t. She doesn’t either. Neither of you has health insurance. You haven’t been to a doctor in years. Neither of you eats right because it’s actually too expensive to. Get it? This thing is affecting poor people of color at an alarming rate, in a variety of different ways. 

Add that most of us can’t go to work. A lot of “essential businesses” are not businesses that most poor people of color would have the opportunity to work for. This turns into a ticking time bomb. Let’s not take ourselves out. This doesn’t have to kill us.


Can we chill out for a couple of more weeks?


Monday Morning Beef
Photo Credit: TQ – TheRealTQ.com

I’m tired of this shit too. I wanna go back to the gym. I’m eating too much popcorn. I wanna go see my mom and sis and Milan. I wanna go drink a Chimay with my dad and watch Bron Bron win a Chip for the Lakers. The Golden Knightswere about to win a Championship too. I was going to two parades this summer. Mookie went to the Dodgers. It’s National Anthem time!

None of that is happening. I was planning a little run in Europe for my fans. We were gonna have a fucking ball for my birthday. It’s not gonna happen. All of that is bad, but we’re alive. I’m not sick. 10 fingers and toes, everybody. Let’s #stayhome a little while longer.

Regardless of what any of these so-called leaders are saying, science doesn’t have enough information to safely advise you to go back to your regular lives. Use your common sense and endure this shit a little while longer. I’d rather be safe than sorry while understanding that getting some takeout or some dinner delivered is a help to someone else. I’m gonna phase that back in, as I’ve been cooking this whole time. Social distancing is where it’s at for the immediate future as a precaution, whether it’s needed or not. I ain’t trying to be all close to people at the moment, for their health and my own.


This could have been really bad. This could get really bad again.


Nobody knows the truth about this virus or what it’s gonna do. Would you put your guard down around a person suffering from Schizophrenia? You should look at this pandemic the same way. The permanent change to our lives should be that something like this never catches us off guard again. We’re in the process of getting through this wave. Let’s make sure we learn something from it.

Get it? Let’s be vigilant for a little while longer and take care of each other. Take care of our first-responders by staying home. We may be over the worst of this, but let’s continue to keep our trips out of the house to a bare minimum. I’m begging everyone reading this blog to think about health first. Hopefully, I’m not back here calling for the same thing. Let’s just do our part to get through this.


Franchise Sports Media would like to wish each and every one of you peace and good health during this tough period. We urge everyone to please #StayHome as much as possible and be mindful of our elderly and those with pre-existing health issues, as they are the most vulnerable. Let’s all act as though we’re infected.

Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus   #StayHome

Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus   #StayHome

Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     #StayHome   #StayHome   #StayHome   #StayHome




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