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April 6, 2020by T Q

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So it is really that difficult.


Yep. Guess so. Now, I’ve been almost NOWHERE for the last three weeks. I’ve been to the store once. I’ve run around the neighborhood a couple of times just to get out of the house, but that was it. A lot of places are closed in Las Vegas, so It’s pretty easy to stay out of the way, to be honest. I make sure to watch Governor Cuomo most days, because I have so much family in New York, and I can understand the preparation for a situation that could quickly spiral out of control.

I watch Trump because he’s the POTUS, and he’s writing an opus on how to bullshit when you have no clue what’s going on. That may be helpful to me one day, lol.

Most importantly is my local news. For the last three weeks, I’ve had a thought that people in Las Vegas were doing what they were supposed to do. At least it looked like it. Friday, I decided to take a ride down an empty strip to get some photos. I figured I’d get Vegas as a ghost town, blow it up, and put it on my studio wall. But nah, I didn’t make it.

Maybe it was a coincidence. Perhaps it was the time of day that I decided to go out. Either way, my route was full of traffic! The park by my crib was packed. I soon forgot the reason that I’d decided to go out in the first place. I passed The Strip and didn’t get off the freeway. Before I thought about it, I was pulling up at the studio, disgusted.


We make this shit too dificult.



TQ Monday Morning Beef
Courtesy: MyNews4.com

I’m not the biggest fan of our Governor, but he knows how to lead. Leadership is at a premium right now, and that ability or lack thereof is on full display. Sisolak got mad a couple of weeks ago, and I just figured everyone would take it seriously and chill out. I took it seriously. Who else did?

Not everybody.

This brings me back to my points from two weeks ago. We have a virus that is so close to airborne that the authorities are telling us to wear bandanas around our faces. Sports have been suspended on every level. Most live broadcasts on TV look just like a live broadcast on our phones because next to nobody is in-studio right now. Even here, with my own company, we’ve gone heavy on the webcasting from home as opposed to meeting up and talking shit.

Even with all the conspiracy theories running around on the net, the reality of “NO SPORTS” means more to us than to most people. NO SPORTS? This is what we at The Franchise call a real emergency. We’re not fucking around. I beg and plead to everyone reading this to Please stop fucking around.

The fact is that I could have COVID-19 right now as I’m writing this. In fact, for the last month, I have considered myself positive. This is a mind trick. Subconsciously, I don’t want to get anybody else sick. Get it? I’m so much less worried about myself and much more conscious about the health of others. I have ZERO symptoms. Do you follow me?


It’s not that difficult.


Monday Morning Beef
Courtesy: New York Times

Lies. For some, it’s very difficult. In my last Monday Morning Beef Blog, I highlighted some dumbass young people not listening or taking this seriously. Remember the Florida beaches during Spring Break? Kids being kids, right? Well, that could’ve quickly been shut down by the Florida governor if he would’ve simply closed the beaches. I’m not gonna blame the kids. When I was that age, I would’ve probably taken the risk myself. I’m gonna chop that up to an idiot in office. Shit happens.

Get a load of this photo. To whom do we attribute this action? Please don’t say, Yahweh. Please don’t say the good Rabbi Portugal asked for the tribe to risk so many lives to send him off to glory. I’d venture to say that he’d already punched his first-class ticket to that heavenly destination before half this crowd was even born. Yet they felt the need to pack the streets of the epicenter of the Coronavirus to celebrate the homecoming of their leader, a remarkable man.

Let me amend that from my own common sense. The Rabbi was a remarkable man that would’ve probably dropkicked all of these people for their ridiculousness if he had the power last week. We are lead by our governments and our faiths. Right now, we need some leadership because we are not getting it from these two entities. That’s all I’m gonna say about #thatpart.


Leadership is difficult.



Monday Morning Beef
Courtesy: Getty Images

This is the truth. Those in the position to lead have to do it by example, and we can’t expect them always to get it right. Nobody always gets it right. The bare minimums are expected, though. We expect our leaders to follow the rules that they put in place. When we have questions, we expect the best possible answers. We are here to listen and be led. Our leaders have told us that the best course of action for this pandemic is social-distancing. STAY AT LEAST SIX FEET APART. Have we all heard this?

Does this photo look like six feet? British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is an excellent orator. He’s intriguing. If you get passed the hairdo, you can gather that this is an educated man, whether you agree with his politics or not. Traveling to the UK so much had allowed me to see this guy in action way before he was Prime Minister. When he speaks, people listen. Why? Because even when he’s a wanker, he’s doing it loudly and forcefully. He has a hefty and robust speaking voice. Do you follow me?

This guy’s droplets are all over this fucking room. He should’ve been at home on an iPhone 11 doing these press conferences. This is not leading by example. This is stupidity. Then we wonder why the parks in the UK are packed with people due to some sunny weather. Take a wild guess… I’m not gonna take another shot at Trump, but his pressroom looks like a droplet sesspool as well. Lead by example, please.


Correction: Leadership is not difficult in New York State.


I’m a Westcoast kid. The Empire State is not the place for me, but I give credit where credit is due. This virus is attacking New York like no place else, and I’m praying for everyone there. When I look at the positive side of this, I have to say that they are the most capable of dealing with this monster. New Yorkers are fucking tough. They may be mean and nasty to the outsider looking in, but when it’s time to come together for the good of people, they’ve shown the world MANY TIMES that they are ready for it.

From 9/11 to Sandy, we’ve watched New York come together and work through a crisis as well as we’ve seen anyone do it. I’d like to think that most of America would react in the same way. We’ve had so many disasters in this country, I believe that our soul has been shown to the rest of planet Earth. We’re the toughest people in the world. Nobody works harder than us.

Today, that means nothing. Today, the difference between life and death does not lay within political or geographical boundaries. Do you think Italians aren’t strong? Boy, please… You ever been to Italy? Spain? Germany? We’ve all been through enough to have some salt in our blood. This isn’t about people…


This is about leadership. ??


My Monday Morning Beef
Courtesy: CrainsNY.com


Get it? Let’s be vigilant this week and take care of each other. Take care of our first-responders by staying home. Let’s keep our trips out of the house to a bare minimum this week. I’m begging everyone reading this blog to take the week off for health simply. I may be back asking for the same thing next week. Let’s just do our part to get through this.


I wanna wish each and every one of you peace and good health during this tough period. We urge everyone to please #StayHome as much as possible and be mindful of our elderly and those with pre-existing health issues, as they are the most vulnerable. Let’s all act as though we’re infected.

Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus   #StayHome

Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus   #StayHome

Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     Monday Morning Beef Coronavirus     #StayHome   #StayHome   #StayHome   #StayHome



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