NFL Draft 2020: 3 Day Vacation From Mitigation

April 23, 2020by T Q

The NFL Draft: 3 Day Vacation From Mitigation





Be real about it Terrance. You’re tired of this shit…

I am. Along with the rest of planet earth, I’ve had about enough of mitigation, quarantine, and COVID 19. No lie, I’m a songwriter, so physically, it hasn’t been as bad on me as it has been for most people. I’ve just been locked up in the studio making music. Nevertheless, I need a bit of a brain break, so I don’t go crazy.
I guess watching the POTUS talk trash between making songs doesn’t do much for sanity either. Anyway, I feel like we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for COVID-19. Hopefully, a group of dumbass mayors and governors won’t send us back to the dark ages. But that’s another story for another time.

Like Monday… Like BEEF in the morning. (hint hint)

Today though? I circled today on my calendar a long time ago. Honestly, I circle this Thursday every year, but today holds a much heavier weight of significance than its ever held. You see, last year I started a sports media company with my dawg. We cover Las Vegas sports. We’ve been at it hard, slowly increasing our viewership every month. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a LOT of fun. I love sports. I’m a Raider fan. I live in Las Vegas… Let me put a bow on this for you…

Today is the first NFL draft for the LAS VEGAS Raiders. The event was supposed to be held here in Las Vegas… on the strip.

Man listen. This draft was supposed to be the coming-out party for Franchise Sports Media Inc. Coronavirus threw us a curveball with a monkeywrench attached to it. Instead of bringing you guys the type of access that I’ve never even had myself, we’ll be at the crib eating BBQ and talking trash with everybody else… with a twist.

Now, when I think about a twist, I think about the one in which I live. I’m an artist from America with more fans in Europe and Asia. I’ve been talking “Football” with my fans for years. We’ve been talking about the other kind, though. My fans made me watch soccer. I’ve connected with them even stronger because I’ve grown to love it.

The thing is, I’m an American. There’s no game in the world like football. I’m talking about our football. Aside from speed, size, and strength, you need a set of buffalo nuts. You gotta let ’em hang too. You better knock somebody’s block off because somebody is trying to cause you severe pain. You wear as much equipment as a Navy SEAL just to kick the ball. It fast-paced violence from the biggest humans you’ve ever seen. A Raider big hit makes me as happy as a Raider touchdown.

Some people call us savages because we love this game. We don’t mind.

A lot of us dreamed of being NFL football players. I dropped that shit when I recognized that I wouldn’t even reach a regular human size, lol. Today is the day that begins that dream, though. The draft is where college football players get picked to play pro. It’s so popular for so many reasons. If you’ve played ball, you’ve imagined this day. If you’re a college football fan, you’re rooting for players from your school to get picked. Naturally, you want your favorite NFL team to select a jewel who becomes the next great player wearing your team’s uniform.

Perhaps the most profound connection to the NFL draft comes when that young man who’s been living in poverty his whole life, working his ass off every day, putting that time in, gets that call from an NFL team saying, “we want you to join us.” It’s been giving me the chills from the first time I saw it.
The whole family is there. All the problems are there for what everybody thinks is the last time. For years, moms and pops did the best they could to feed this giant. Sometimes they didn’t even know where the rent money was coming from. Harassment on the job just because they’re black or poor, but as that giant grows and gets better and better, his dream becomes the family’s dream, and they’re all in support.
After helping him navigate through gangs, drugs, a terrible educational system, all the roaches, and rats trying to steer him away from the prize, and keeping him as focused as possible, they understand that his success could change their lives…

And this is the day it happens.

The NFL draft is fucking awesome. As a black man, it’s one of the highlights of my year. I see young brothers get the opportunity to create generational wealth. This opportunity is based on nothing but hard work and being one of the absolute best in the world at what you do. The stories you will hear about the journeys that led to today will make you celebrate the human spirit. In a time like this, the NFL draft is like a 3-day vacation. Businesswise, I’m taking an L on it, but I’m gonna use it as I do every year, and I invite you guys to tune in and join me.

Watch these young men over the next three days. Watching humans make it is just one of my all-time favorite things to do. As grim as shit seems, sometimes, we are meant to be resilient. We’re made to process, endure, achieve, and repeat. Getting drafted is the first cycle for these guys. For a couple of days, they can shit on everybody that told them they wouldn’t be shit.

It’s great TV. It makes you feel good. Then you put it in perspective. Some of these guys will be out of the league in 2 years. A lot of them won’t even make a team. All the good feelings today could be gone forever with an injury or worse. This shit is real. These kids have been working their whole lives to get to today, and they just made it to step one. Life is hard. Football is hard. COVID-19 is hard. Everything is hard. These are all facts.

Another fact is that somebody in this draft is gonna be the absolute shit in the NFL. I watch today because it shows me what we’re capable of…

Which is #anything.

Watch the draft with us beginning at 4 pm PST today. We’re doing a LIVE simulcast on all of our social media platforms. You can watch and connect with us your way by clicking the links below. It’s live, so you can make comments or ask questions. There are a lot of dead points during the draft when teams are between picks, so if you’re not into football and just wanna say what’s up, that’s cool. If you wanna talk football and the Raiders, you can call us at the number on the screen and put in your two cents.
The dreams of 32 kids are gonna come true today. You may as well grab a couple of beers and watch it with me.

Watch the Las Vegas Raiders NFL Draft with Franchise Sports Media at the Links below.


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