The 4th.

January 4, 2018by T Q

It’s the 4th at TheRealTQ.com

I’ve always loved sports… anybody that knows or follows me knows it’s a heavy subject in my day-to-day life…

Specifically the end of the game when the stakes are highest. Man what you do in the 4th is what defines you. It’s where the game is won. Life is a sport. It’s way more taxing than any game you play with a ball, but then you die. That’s where the analogy goes off base. No trophies in life because you can’t take anything with you… but you can leave something. You can definitely leave something…

I used to look at singing as the means to get my songwriting out. I had some shit to say first and foremost. A lotta madness happened around me at a time when I was too young to process it. I was pissed off about that and I had a story to tell. When I got a foot in the door I was just met by people telling me that I can’t tell my story cuz I sing.

“You can’t sing that kinda stuff! You’re not a rapper!”

Boy do you know that was like saying giddy up to a horse??? I got something for the people and y’all don’t wanna let me say it? Oh I’m gonna say it one way or the other… That required a whole lotta determination and fight. I had to fight everybody. Then I said what I had to say. ??

Now what? What do you do when you’re free to do you?

Avoid negativity. Stay in the studio making sound. Just sound on top of sound. When you finish with that set of sounds, you travel across the world to fuck around with another set of sounds. You are literally living what you dreamed about with no restrictions. Oblivious to the needs of my fans and listeners around the world, even though in a lot of cases, I created those needs by offering a brand of music that nobody else did. Life was good… but am I leaving anything? I’ve been having a musical ball while on a platform all to myself, creating whatever I wanted cuz I believe I earned it. Have I used that platform to the best of my ability? Or have I had a shitload of fun?

Because I know that you can dance with the devil and still keep your soul, but after a while it’s gonna take its toll.

Which brings us to this…

The game is almost over. A lot of time praying, meditating, reading, watching and writing has created a fully sharpened, open, 3rd eye. This is required for the 4th quarter. In the 3rd I’ve watched black men gunned down by police AND a black man as president. I saw schools shot up and children killed. We’ve watched cities get obliterated while the world turns a blind eye. I saw Boko Haram and I saw the reb flag fly proudly next to the swastika in America. ? Then I listened to the potus encourage us to “just grab them by the pussy…” (that guy is a fucking prick). I also witnessed my heterosexuality offend a whole group of people, where I literally had to defend myself for being attracted to the opposite sex… As if I created myself that way. (talk about a “WOW” moment.?).

Then I lost my child. Then I got my child back. The 3rd quarter was a bitch.

But now it’s the 4th… and I got another story to tell.

The Revolution. It will be televised. 


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