In Search Of… The Ghetto.

October 29, 2017by T Q

Couple weeks ago, Trish had a gig in New York and asked me if I had anything we could shoot in the city. She hadn’t shot there before and wanted to make the most of the trip. I instantly thought of some childhood memories on the “Right Coast” and got an idea to shoot the video for my song “Little Ghetto Boy.” I’ve always had family in NY and I’d been there many times, but this was a last minute, shotgun, trip and I had very little time to prepare or even call anybody to let them know I was coming. I also knew I’d be in and out and there wouldn’t be much time to see everybody. So we went to NY, Trisha did her photography gig and we set about shooting the video without a script or storyboard. We were just gonna wing it. I rented a car and headed to Queens. It was the part of NY that I remembered most. St. Albans, the Triangle Church, Linden and Merrick, etc., I remembered all these spots from visiting my Aunt Helen back in the day, but I needed some guidance on how to get there. It had been a while… but I remembered how it all looked. It was the perfect place to shoot this video. I called my cousin Life who basically guided me to Aunt Helen’s house, God rest her soul… I run up to the door, bam on the window, and out comes the man that gave me this idea of doing music, my cousin Lamont aka Sho-Man. I almost gave him a heart attack lol…

Cuzzo! I’m looking for the Ghetto! Wtf happened to it? This ain’t the New York I remember…

Sho replied “NY has changed son! C’mon let’s go I wanna show you something.” So we hit a series of blocks and nothing looks familiar. My cousin begins to tell me a tale of gentrification on a fine line with inner-city improvement that needs to be further discussed… but at another time.?

Right now we stop at the traffic light and Lamont says “Look Up!” I’m never gonna forget what I saw next…

In South Jamaica Queens, Uncle Carl fed them the gospel. Aunt Helen just fed them. I got the chills when I saw they’d named the Street where their church and food center stood, after them… and rightly so. I remember all the things I heard about her at her funeral while I was taking this photo. I thought to myself  “This is what it means to be great.”

Mother Baldwin was a beast. Nobody in her hood was hungry. Anybody needed food, she had it for them. Point blank period.  We walked up in South Jamaica Houses unannounced with a bunch of cameras and cats were like “Whodafuck are y’all??” I’m like “Oh shit… we forgot some code.” ?. To make a long story short, we pointed to Lamont, said “This is Mother Baldwin’s son” and everything changed immediately. They WELCOMED us in. They gathered up a bunch of kids to help me shoot this music video and it was as real as it gets. When they realized “That’s son from LA! He used to be with Baby ‘nem!” I actually felt like I was in my own hood… all love. Shouts out to Bobby Garcia aka “Mr. Southside for putting it altogether for me. The star of the video, @multi_dab, basically challenge me to a wheelie race and wonThat’s how he got the part lol! Click the links and go follow them both on Instagram. 

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