Throw Up The Dub – Part III

November 13, 2018by T Q

I wanted to throw up the dub.

The boy-band shit wasn’t for me… It wasn’t for any of us really. When youre just a kid and a part of somebody else’s vision, that part just became a chore. I had to sing stuff I didn’t wanna sing and wear stuff I didn’t wanna wear, trusting the people who’d done this before me and supposedly knew what they were talking about. I grew up in the “respect your elders” days though so I played my part and tried my best to soak it all up without going crazy. I had a lotta shit to say. Way more than “I love you baby.” I had a formula for delivering it in a way that it would appeal to more people. I was an NWA fan. They spoke about our life in the 90s. They did it too hard though. These naysayers won’t get the message cuz they hate the messengers too much. The conversation is over before the ideas get exchanged. Man listen… Fuck the Police. I’m coming straight outta Compton, but I ain’t gonna say it like that… and I ain’t gonna say it in this group.

I thought I was free when I got a solo deal with Atlantic. I sat about making a crazy album full of ghetto California shit. Every song I turned in they WERE NOT trying to hear lol. It was a building full of New Yorkers who didn’t know or give a shit about what was happening out here. Furthermore, Tupac was terrorizing these people. Can you imagine? I was label-mate with Junior Mafia when “Hit ”em Up” came out. Bruh… That was a real mess. Fast forward a year and some change, Pac and Biggie are both dead and I’m still fighting these people, cuz I’m not about to be Usher for them. I used to sneak Usher in the Shark club. Miss me with that. ?

I just wanna throw up the dub…

Me and Mike Caren walk in the studio. Mike Mosley is sitting at the MPC looking thru kicks, but playing them in time with a piano thats playing in the background. I glance over into the sound room and Femi Ojetunde is playing the baby grand. I didn’t know what it was but it sounded like “Dear Mama” to me. I fucking loved it. Caren introduces me to Mosley and the piano never stopped playing. I swear I met Mike while bobbing my head the whole time. I’m starting to hear cymbals banging and commotion over the piano which throws me off for a second. It’s Rick Rock in the drum room and now he’s started to play along with the groove. Now I’ve got the screw face as I’m talking to the Mikes cuz this shit is banging! Mike Mosley is still fumbling through the kicks as we’re small talking. I see the look and hear the sound when he finds the one…

Mike: So what you wanna do? 


Mike: This? But this is a rap song. We working on a 2Pac tribute record.

Me: Can I write to it?

The Mikes look at each other and shrug. I walk in the booth, meet Femi and Rick Rock, and ask them to please keep playing. They’re like “You’re about to write to this? This is a rap song.”

Or nah… lol

Needless to say we all left the studio throwin’ up the dub.

To be continued…

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