Throw Up The Dub – Part IV

November 19, 2018by T Q

Throwin’ up the Dub…

To my peoples if you with me where you at?

Boy we got us one… Throw up the dub. Everybody left the studio like ??. It was just after all the East Coast West Coast madness, and losing Pac and Eazy was a helluva blow on this side. The last couple years I had really gone into the Funk. I have family down south and in New York so I’ve listened to a variety of hip hop from the beginning. I was up on OutKast and BG WAAAAAAY before anybody out west had heard of them, but by the time I was ready to do it, that G Funk had me hooked. Man Mike ’em had guitars and basses and pianos and horns and shit. I did what was supposed to be the Westside Remix with ÐJ Quik. This dude had a box of percussions that he could easily fit inside. West Coast production was just something else. I was told it reminded all the good musicians from Detroit and Philly and Down South, of the music they grew up on. They all went west and started working with us. That’s why our shit sounded like butter on Velvet…

I digress…

Atlantic Records is like: “YEAH!!!!”

But Mike had a partner named Debbie Hammond. She was like: NOOOOOOOOO! “We’re putting this song on a 2Pac tribute album with Afeni Shakur. This ain’t your song and it wasn’t your session.” Atlantic is like ?.

Atlantic: “If we cant put the song out you can’t have TQ.” ?

Debbie: “We don’t need TQ. He wrote it! He’s gonna get PAID anyway cuz this is a fucking hit. I’m putting it on another artist and I’m gonna give TQ a huge check for it. Fuck off.” ??

Atlantic: ?

TQ: ??

A week or so later I was dropped. No more record deal. Atlantic actually fucked off lol. Aw man I’ll never forget that day. I thought it was over. I was devastated. Then Mike calls like “Aye Atlantic dropped you? Man that’s cold! Lol!” He’s all laughing and shit and I’m ready to jump off something. ? He’s like “Meet me at Wolfgang Puck in South Coast Plaza.” Off I went. When I get there Mike tells me his idea. “Let’s do an album on you. Independent. What you know about the Bay?”

Just as we start talking Debbie walks in. “Nice to meet you TQ. This song is a fucking hit. I have an idea. Take this ? and go to Oakland with Mike. Don’t answer your phone. Don’t talk to anybody. You guys go make some more shit like this. Give me 2 weeks. Deal?”

TQ: “Deal…”

To be continued…

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