February 20, 2017by T Q

You know how you can have that ability to block things out and focus on what’s at hand? I’m pretty good at that, but when it’s at hand, it’s at hand. Today is the day. It’s January 20th and Donald F. Trump is my President. Let me say it differently to show the magnitude of the statement. Donald Fucking Trump is the leader of the free world. Holy horse shit! Let that sink in a bit…

The majority of the campaign I spent abroad. You can imagine the types of questions I’d get when people realized I was American. It was a huge joke. Nobody could believe it, myself included. Any time anyone would ask me if we were gonna elect Trump as our President, I’d laugh if off with a huge “HELL NAW LOL!” Then I’d order another beer and think about it… “Are we really gonna elect Hillary Clinton? WTF?” Then I’d block it out and focus on what was at hand.

Well that’s over. It’s happened. Today is the day. Who knows what the outcome of this presidency will be but as a world traveler I’m very embarrassed. Certain places I normally go, I don’t even wanna show my face in you know? Just the questions and the disbelief that a country such as ours would allow this to happen… Then I think “Damn we actually didn’t allow this to happen. We actually elected our first female president which was the only good part about that decision to be honest…” But nope, that’s not how the real America works. In the real America, some clandestine group of people vote on my behalf. Though I don’t know any of them, nor have I told them whom I wanted to vote for. I’m supposed to trust that this mysterious group will do the right thing in some back room somewhere. I should trust them even though ExxonMobile, Glaxo, BP, Koch, and Monsanto, are in the same room with open checkbooks licking ink pens. Yeah that’s how America works. Take this money, win this election, and push my agenda.

Presidency and puppetry have always gone hand in hand so I’m not as devastated about Mr. Trump as most are. I’m eager to see who will end up his Geppetto though…

I’m hoping his last name isn’t Putin.

Or maybe worse…


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