The BAEList – Vol. 1

BAEList Vol.1
Release Date: 2016-01-12
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Straight up R&B and strictly for the ladies, TQ’s BAEList series began as a membership only set of EP’s that would be available for select fan members. It became something else entirely. Throughout TQ’s career he’s walked the fine line between Hip Hop and R&B on a razor wire. He’s always used works with other artists, namely rap, to dabble into the other side, but it did create a bit of confusion as to what genre he falls into. This project does not leave the question. Produced by Mannie Fresh, J Hanlon, and TQ himself, this is straight up, slow jam, baby making music… The TQ way. Available exclusively in the TQ Shop as and mp3 download or autographed CD.


“I love R&B music. Always have. I’ve just love the variety of subject matter in other genres of music. So many songs about love and relationships tends to get stale for me at a certain point, but its the essence of soul music so it’s in me you know? When you carry a charge to say something through your songwriting, sometimes you approach music making with a bit of pressure… No pressure here. This EP is about love and love making… Strictly for my Bae’s. There will be more to come so stay tuned!”


Sideways (Citizen Cope Tribute)