BlogLittle Bit of Love

May 15, 2016by T Q

I’m sending out an SOS for us. Please! We seem to be losing our ability to reason… We need to take a deep breath and center ourselves. Each of us has somebody we love.  Let’s focus on them for a minute. Block everything out and focus on one of those people. Don’t think about your religion, or nationality, or race. Don’t think about your political views or financial situation… Just for a minute. I’m not gonna say give somebody a hug. That’s a great gesture, but this is more serious and not a laughing matter… I don’t have any answers. Marching, protesting, speaking out on social media is all fine and good, but I beg you all to tell somebody you love them. Do it everyday. Get in the habit.  Doesn’t have to be strangers, but that’s cool too! It’s been said a million times and I understand its cliche, but we NEED some. A little bit is all it takes. It’s a small, painless, simple, thing thrown out by somebody who has no clue on how to make things better… But I know we got here through love… I know we need to get back to it. Just try it. Can’t hurt… Rest in peace to the countless numbers of innocent people who’ve lost their lives to senseless violence these last couple years.

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