New TQ Website is Live!

February 7, 2019by T Q


Sometimes you need a redo…

I’m moving into another side of my songwriting and content so it’s time for a new site. Designed by The Dream HUB, the new TQ website, TheRealTQ.com will make interacting with my content easier than ever. If you click around and check out all the pages, you’ll find that all of my old content is still here, it’s all just shined up and presented better. This will be a really active blog/vlog. I have a ton of shit that I’d like to write and speak about, so be sure to set your notifications so you don’t miss any of it. I’ll tackle some pretty heavy issues in the coming months right here on this page. All news and new release info will live on the Press page which will basically serve as a press release updated in real time. The latest press information including access to my latest single, bio info, booking, and a player with some of my biggest records.

The TQ Shop is the online home of all my branded merchandise and we’ll be releasing new gear on a regular, consistent basis. This is the only place where you can get my music on signed and personalized CDs. Downloads are also available at a discounted price and cheaper than all the other online music stores as an incentive for buying from me directly.

The Discography page houses all of my releases. Visitors will be able to stream music from each of my albums, as well as remixes, remakes, and special releases that will only be available here. Each album contains a player and links to purchase or stream.

The video page will feed from my YouTube channel for the most part, showing all of my music videos, but there will also be behind the scenes videos that will only be available here on the site. My vlog “TQtv” is being re-branded back to “ThugPoetry” and will have its own playlist of episodes, which will live on this page also.

All in all, this is the center of my creativity and my business to be honest. I want this to be a place where my fans come to enjoy my music and content and have a user-friendly experience doing so. I want to thank each of you for your continued support and I ask you to share the link https://therealtq.com across your networks as often as possible!

Thank you!


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