Throw up the Dub

September 21, 2018by T Q1

Literally, throw up the dub.

Throw up the dub for 20 years. November marks 20 years since I released my first solo project and I didn’t have a f*ckin’ clue. All I knew was that I had some sh*t to say and I wanted to say it my way. I had been trying for years prior, but people just kept road blocking. They didn’t understand that a series of events lead me to view things different from most people. Being so young, nobody thinks you know what you’re talking about. Most times you don’t… but with some intelligence you can get some things right. I’ve always had a helluva foundation, but I’ve built paper houses on top of it on more than one occasion.

It’s hard to remove a good foundation. Thank God.

Compton was f*cked up. The police were so shady that they don’t even exist anymore. Crack and Heroin had my neighborhood looking like The Walking Dead or something. You just got used to hearing about KIDS DYING. It desensitizes you. It makes you angry. It makes it hard to sleep. It makes you want to fight. You have to carry a gun. You smell blood because you’re becoming an animal. You know at any given time you can lose your life over your shoes or what color you have on. Your mom bought you this sh*t. She won’t listen when you tell her that you can’t wear that. So now you learn how to fight and you do it everyday…

Except Sunday. Sunday yo ass is going to church… and you’re gonna sing. “This is a VCR. Record the football game. Let’s go.” ?

My screw face got right immediately when I got on that mic tho… I just closed my eyes and let all the drama go. It went thru the congregation’s soul because it truly came from mine. I was talking to God because I needed someone to talk to. They were just in on the conversation. I wouldn’t even hear them clapping until I was back in the choir, in my seat, coming down from on high… Like “I said what I had to say.”

Then it stopped working… Maybe because the pastor was f*cking one of the girls in the choir.

I guess nobody’s perfect right? ??‍♂️?

I had a lil girlfriend in Alabama. I had placed some kinda Claire Huxtable type thing on her, so when I’d go down there during the summer and all the older boys would tell me how they f*cked her while I was gone, it prolly left a lil stain. Some things will never change. I had a foundation though and a different kind of mind remember? I had bigger crush on her sister anyway… Tuck this in your heart for later use.  Shout out to my nigga Too Short. Lol, these were all paper houses though. Feel me?

Fast Forward.

I fucking can’t stand the police. I always expect them to be dirty. Period. I’ve never tried any hard drugs. I never will. I watch the news and hear about children getting killed… stone faced. Numb. Like I’ve been through this so many times, its nothing less than an absolute shame that its STILL happening. I rarely go to church. Fuck having a girlfriend and I’m not getting married. Everybody cheats. Worse thing I ever did was not leave that girl alone.?  It is what it is…  because I’m also gonna write and sing from the deepest part of my soul in an attempt to connect to yours. I’ve lost a lot. I’ve won a lot. What started as a need became a calling and a calling is supposed to serve a need. We are all going through something. I am not here to be perfect. Some sh*t I’m just not getting with due to my beliefs or experiences. Some sh*t I’m going to say, you aren’t gonna like. It’ll be the truth though. I can love you and disagree and vice versa. Love is stronger than agreement. We just need to keep our soul… 

I got mine… I’m happy about this new album.

For once theres no record company or business partner drama. It’s just me and Marlon and Brandon,  ThunderCatt, Caviar and E-A-SKI,  HB making sh*t sound good, and Trish making sh*t look good. Pre-orders and some “special” 20 year bundles will be dropping soon. Wait till you get a load of this sauce…?.

Meanwhile “The Kingdom” is OUT NOW here at TheRealTQ.com exclusively! Stream and download it in the music player above and watch the new lyric video directed by Trisha LaCoste. The single drops on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Shazam, and all the other platforms, Friday Sept 28th along with the official music video on YouTube.

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    September 21, 2018 at 7:13 am

    wow … absolutely love your words. muah! ?

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