Disappear (Single)



Download the new single “Disappear” from R&B singer/songwriter TQ. From the forthcoming album “SMOKE.” Lyrics and Melody by Terrance Quaites for Strictly TQ Music ASCAP. Produced by NewStyle Brueder. Mixed and Mastered by HB The Engineer. Artwork by Trisha LaCoste.


“We’ve got so many vices in our devices; sometimes you gotta make ’em disappear.”


“My new single, “Disappear,” addresses the need to disconnect from our connections. Social media, reality TV, and big screens on our phones create a huge vacuum of information. Our devices are so smart that they deliver what we gravitate to. Sometimes we gravitate to things that aren’t good for us mentally. In the new world of AI and the like, our devices will get even smarter. We’ll need the mental fortitude to discern what is real and what isn’t more than we ever have. I make it a point to disconnect and go find my beach when life gets overwhelming. Find your place. Turn off your phone, tablet, computer, and TV…

And disappear.”


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