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Cotton blend T-Shirt in Black or White with the TQ logo in dark grey. Sizes S – XXL

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Literally 90% of my time is spent in a T-Shirt. Always has been I think. When I shop, that’s what I buy. When I travel, that’s what I buy. 9 times outta 10 if I couldn’t get in in my T-Shirt I wasn’t going in! Now as a creative, a T-Shirt, much like a song, is a canvas. A place for ideas, messages, colors, and a place to express feelings. I’m gonna put mine on TQ T-shirts and I’m gonna keep them updating constantly. By the time we’re done, this place will be an online Hot Topic or something… Sometimes it’ll be about music. Sometimes it won’t. I wanna make stuff that you’d wear if you didn’t know me or my music…

So browse through this first series which is based on my releases and stay tuned cuz we’re just getting started…

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Weight7 oz

Black, White


Double Extra Large, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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