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BlogThrow Up The Dub – Part II

November 10, 2018by T Q

Throw up the dub for being blessed.

My first album dropped 20 years ago today. 20 years ago! ? Man I got fans that I met when they were kids. Now we all have kids lol… I’ve just so happened to he cleaning out my old storage at the same time I arrive at this anniversary. You wonder why some things happen the way they do…


Always said “NO! You can’t sing that. You can’t make that kind of music. You’re not a rapper. Singers don’t sing about that. Look at all the greats! Do you see them cussing and selling dope and all this madness? Get off of that. Take some dance classes. We’re gonna take you suit shopping!”

Me: ???


If this is the way it’s gotta be then it’s never gonna be. I can’t dance. I wear Chuck Taylors like everyday. I don’t like these new singers. Their clothes are too tight, and they all sing about the same thing over an over again. How many times can you tell a chick you love her???? Plus there’s already enough of that. Let me sing to the block. Let me write for the people that are just finding it hard to deal with life…”

Them: Um… ??✌???


Enough at an early age… Man somebody needs to tell me why we ain’t got shit. I get harassed on the way home from anywhere. I get stopped and frisked 2x a week. Punk ass police picked me up on the way home from school one day and dropped me off in Bounty Hunter hood. “Ok little Crip… walk home now.” Man I got on a Dodger hat cuz this is Los Angeles… just like everybody else.

Me: ??‍♂️?


I can’t take this shit. Yeah yeah yeah… I got a fast track to USC Law should I choose that lane. I think I’ll get rich. I got shit to say. I have some things that I need off my chest. I grew up in Compton. Shit was NOT fair. Somebody needs to hear about this. Who? How? Where? A courthouse? Nah… I’m gonna do music. “Hey Mom and Pops I’m not going to college. I got an internship at a record company. I’m gonna get a record deal! I’m gonna get rich and buy you guys a house somewhere else!”

Them: ????????


It took five years from that decision to work the kinks out, but it happened. The most valuable lesson was taught before any of that though. I was a young asshole with nobody to talk to and I didn’t agree with anybody about anything other than 2Pac. Instead of fighting all the time I just started writing the shit down. The anger would fill me when read it back. Now I have to sing it in my head and re-live it all. Friends getting shot, us being broke, these niggas sweating’ me about my Dodger hat, and these niggas sweating me about my 49er jersey. I gotta find an outlet. Like everything ain’t easy and light and fun and shiny. The truth is, in Compton, Inglewood, Watts, New Orleans, Newark, The Bronx, Oakland, Miami, South London, and countless other places, we don’t wanna hear that shit! I know it. I’m one of “us.” Just keep putting me down. Just keep doubting me and doing everything in your power to kill my dream. It doesn’t matter. Try harder cuz I’M COMING…

To Be Continued… (Read Part 1)

It goes down New Years Eve Baby… Let’s get it! Meanwhile, Click the link below and take a trip back to 1998 for a day. What were you doing when this came out??? ?

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