California Soul…

My name is TQ and I’m a songwriter. Since I was a little kid writing has been my passion. I sang in church a lot also, so writing to music I believe came pretty natural. I grew up in Compton, CA off of El Segundo and Central in a little neighborhood called Carver Park. It was one of those places from which people like me tend to not make it out. I did. Songwriting, producing, and performing has shown me the world. It’s given me a different perspective about the power of music. I’ve seen the effect that great music can have on people and here is where I offer mine. Share it. Stream it. Discover it. Like it. I call it California Soul. It’s laid back, West Coast R&B Music from yours truly.


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The Artist

When he broke through with the hit singles “Westside” and “Better Days,” TQ quickly established himself as an R&B singer with a rapper’s musical sensibility. Subsequent work with Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Baby and the Cash Money Records roster solidified the Compton, California singer as a creative force who could work with a variety of A-List collaborators.
TQ feels as though he’s been able to carve out a lane for himself because of his position in the musical realm. “There’s a certain amount of people that look at rap and hip-hop itself as kind of being a bit too harsh on the ears for them to really dive into,” he says. “I think that I kind of bridge that gap with the type of R&B that I’ve done. I can look at R&B music before I came out and I can look at R&B music today and just see that I made a mark because of the love I get from cats in the streets that are doing it now.”

The Songwriter

TQ has written songs with and for a long list of artists including R Kelly, Lil Wayne, NSYNC, Dru Hill, BONE Thugz, Too Short, and more. During his time at Cash Money Records he wrote songs on classic albums such as the Big Tymerz “HoodRich,” Juvenile’s “Project English,” and Baby’s “The Birdman.”

« The best part of the job is creation by far. Put me in the studio and that’s where I’m at home. There’s nothing like creating music from scratch. Those of us that do just get hooked on it.»
– TQ