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@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 5 hours

HOW IS #10?????? 😱 Watch it again. Then watch it again. That’s was a razor blade. 🔪

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 6 hours

RT : FSM's JaRon Turner previews tonight's Golden Knights vs Tampa Bay Lightning NHL hockey game from T-Mobile Arena at http…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 6 hours

Looking like the quarterly 🙄👿 bro’s??? 👎🏾

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 6 hours

Unbelievable... what in Gods name are you doing right now Romero???? Lay off the weird weed before the game bro... 🤬 #MUFC

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 1 day

Don’t put madness in the universe... send him to the . We’…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 1 day

Dammit! I forgot to go on your article and bash you for this…

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