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@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 10 hours

And when the other teams got down there it was a wrap! “Y’all want a field goal or a turnover???” Stop h…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 10 hours

Yeah me too... but he’ll buy the front row the next game and invite everybody’s exes and the Bucks will…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 10 hours

BRO!!!! We yelled out them kids grandmama addresses, sisters names, and all kinds of shit!!!! Half the P…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 10 hours

Act like you don’t remember USC sidelines back in the G! Teams were beat before the game started. The an…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 11 hours

Beat the and will sit down. Otherwise everybody should be quiet tbh. He ain’t the only sideline ant…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 21 hours

There is a way to make Drake sit down... beat his team.

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 1 day

Today I promptly answerEd all emails. I don’t feel any different. 😐

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